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Callum Ball by Michael Epps


Callum Ball by Michael Epps

10.14.14 806


Honey get your jackboots, push me to the ground
waitin’ in the afterglow, something that I used to know.

More or less the same thing, ornaments are breaking
Do you feel how I feel? Crush me with your cuban heels.

Burdened by tradition, and traditions must go on.
happy but it’s not enough, happy to be sleeping rough.

09.29.14 2
09.28.14 2

Every positive thing, that pops up, no matter how small. There’s always something I’ve done already to write it off. It’s starting to get to me.

09.28.14 0

Constant self resentment. Not loathing, resentment.

09.28.14 0
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Fruit Paradise (by Sonja Gje)
09.11.14 225
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